Detroit Dealer Locator

Every business wants to improve its sales cycle and reduce the time it takes to turn a prospect into a repeat customer. Detroit, a heavy-duty engine manufacturer and long-time client of Pop Art, asked us to create a custom web application to help customers locate dealers and other distributors of their products.

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TAGS: Sales cycle optimization, Detroit sales generation

The Challenge

Improve Daimler Trucks North America customer access to their closest dealer and/or certified technician. Pop Art was asked to deliver the tool in a matter of days, fully operational and ready for prime time.


Create a Dealer Locator with access to a centralized database of over 800+ dealers and distributors. Architect the information design and interface to engage the user and design a tool structure that is simple to understand and easy to use.


The Dealer Locator tool was adopted across brands, allowing existing and new customers to easily find their local distributor. Produced in record time, the tool launch was unveiled and applauded as a major success at the MATS annual industry event.